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HIV / AIDS does not just kill, it also makes orphans ...

85% of HIV / AIDS orphans live in sub-Saharan Africa.


In that part of the world, about 20 million children had lost  at least one of their parents in 2013 because of HIV / AIDS.


In Cameroon, HIV / AIDS affects 4.5% of the population between the age 15 and 49 (out of 23,130,000 inhabitants). In 2013, there were 510,000 children under the age of 17 orphaned by HIV / AIDS. ... with dramatic consequences for children.


Stigma and discrimination against HIV / AIDS victims have an impact on their children, who are all traumatized and are exposed to an extreme vulnerability:

Malnutrition, de-schooling, illness. Traditional child protection systems are collapsing, family structures can no longer cope.


In addition to the psychological impact of the disease and the death of their parents, AIDS orphans, who are often victims of economic exploitation and violence, are experiencing slow cognitive and affective development that threatens their future.


Girls, who are often forced to drop out of school to work, take care of siblings and perform domestic tasks, frequently exposed to sexual violence, run the risk of being HIV-positive.


These are the reasons why Father Claude LAH, priest of the Diocese of Amiens (France), founded the first La Bonne Case orphanage in 2005 in Bangangté in the western region.










      La Bonne Case de Yaoundé


Journée Mondial du SIDA 2024

    Samedi 7 Décembre 2024

Table-Ronde sur le Vih-Sida

à LBC de YAOUNDE à Zamengoé

Christmas 2024

Arbre de Noël organisé

par nos partenaires 

le dimanche 22 décembre 2024


 à LBC de Zamengoé, Cameroun.


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